Monday, April 13, 2015

For My Daughters Wherever They May Be

Look for the beauty where it may be found.
Reject while you can the horror and hate.
Search the dark to find the peace that lies
hidden underneath all hurt and pain. 
Grasp and hold the love that holds you now, 
even though you cannot fully know 
the One who holds you ever close. All 
things transcend and converge within.

Close your eyes and hear the song written
from the dawning of Creation's first
day. From dark and chaotic dreams
the prelude can be clearly heard: redemptive
chords composed even in the night.
Paradox and mystery are placed
within your hands: a melody for you 
to play, so together we will sing.

I will do what it takes to help
you know His love for you. In spite of all 
that seems to mitigate and deny,
the song will still be played and sung even
if it takes my dying breath, if death
tries to intervene I will stay
true to the song God breathed within: this heart-
song that refuses to be mute.

(Written in Kharkov, Ukraine in June 2014)

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