Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anniversary number thirty-four

For Terri, August 16, 2014

The heart in winter still stays warm
while the world is bleak and cold.
Though we age, our cups brim full
as love matures and grows old.
Dawn long spent: twilight comes
and when the darkness fills with fear
our hearts stay warm as we embrace
each other while the night draws near.
Night is short lived, death will die;
the day-star will again shine bright.
Eternal love can never fade
into the darkness of the night.
My love, I'll never leave you alone
but will remain until night has gone.

It is my habit to write a poem for my lovely wife for our anniversary. I generally do not submit these for publication--and true to form, this will not be submitted to any publishing group or site. But I did want to share it with others.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Latest Poem: "To Pray With Priests"

My latest poem to be published is "To Pray With Priests" in Vox Poetica. You can access the poem HERE.

The poem was written during the height of the Maidan (Maydan) protests in Kyiv. It was based on a photo of a small group of priests standing between the two warring factions: the protestors on one side and the line of Berkut riot police (rigid and behind their shields) on the other. The ground was a sea of ice illuminated by halogen lights casting an unearthly and unsettling glow over the whole scene.

Go to the site and please post a comment.

I am hoping this poem along with several other pieces focusing on Ukraine will be published soon by Unbound Content (author page here). The collection Hope is the Last to Die: A Ukrainian Passage is due out sometime this year.